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Chemical Properties of DUSTEX

Product description
Additive ZA is a calcium lignosulphonate liquid.

It is a brown viscous liquid.

Typical applications: Clay binder.

CAS. No. 8061-52-7 (Calcium lignosulphonate)

Dry matter % (m/m) 50 1
pH (10% solution) 3.3 1.0

Environmental information
The product is harmless.
The material safety data sheet is available upon request.

Additional information
Insoluble matter (45% solution v/v) 2.5%
Calcium, Ca 5 %
Sulphur, S 5 %
Reducing sugars 20 % (mainly pentoses)
Density 1300 kg/m3
Typical values (calculated on solids where applicable)

Delivery form
Bulk truck loads

Storage stability
Additive ZA Liquid is stable for several months under cool storage conditions.

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